Monday, February 13, 2006

Koko wa...doko?

ここは、何所? どうして、今ここにいる? 心が、痛い。心の中に。。何感じもない。如何して? 何時、ここに行った、わからない。わからない。全然わか。。ら。。ない。私を幸せになるのことは何が。。。?

Koko wa、doko? Doushite、ima koko ni iru? Kokoro ga、itai. Kokoro no naka ni...nani kanji mo nai. Doushite? Itsu、 koko ni itta、wakaranai. Wakaranai. Zen zen waka..ra..nai. Watashi o shiawase ni naru no koto wa nani ga...?

English translation: Where is...this? Why am I here now? My heart...aches. I can't feel anything in my heart at all. Why? When, did I come here, I do not know. I don't know. I really...have no idea. What are the things that make me happy?

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Lacus of Athrun Zala

Have you ever met someone who totally changed your course in life?

Everywhere I turn, everywhere I look, there's a piece of you hidden in me. Pieces of memories, which ultimately shaped the person I am today. You helped me through some of the most crucial moments, and influenced greatly the turning points of my life. You unconsciously taught me and enlightened me to a whole new perspective, without even trying to do so. And for that, I am eternally grateful.

You will always be a very important person to me. No matter how much we've changed through time, and how much our paths will diverge, these pieces of you will always be sealed deep inside my memories.

I'll silently pray that you'll find the happiness that you dream of.

Should I say that you're the Lacus Clyne of my life?

And no, I'm not Kira...I'm Athrun.

Happy Chinese New Year!

P.S: Sorry but I don't feel like posting anything else here other than this and that I'm still sick now =( apologies to everyone...Happy CNY!! ^o^

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Building a football field + spectators.

Hee hee, got a piece of really interesting conversation here to share with ya...which left me laughing in stiches. A little RO humour integrated inside.

A little introduction first...Mr T is a friend of mine and he's totally a really nice and helpful guy....and serious in his relationship too. Plus he really loves his gf. So anyone who happens to know who he is....don't get him wrong with this little piece of crap we managed to cook up k? >__<

(PS: Hope your gf won't see this....hehe. Do tell me ya if you feel uncomfortable having this conversation up here? >_<)

Mr T: alo miss, long time no see
Aly-C: yosh yosh yosh! and again, i love your hearts!!! >_<
(was refering to his avatar, made by his sweet gf from many many hearts arranged into a bigger heart.)
Mr T: hehe ^^
Aly-C: i wan wan too! >_<
Mr T: they're not for sale or giving away
won't want to part with them for the world ><
Aly-C : so u can show them to ur cucu cicit?
Mr T: anak first ok
don't think so far
dunno can get cucu cicit or not oh
Aly-C: -_- sure can
ask ur wife....i mean gf to give birth a football team for u
Mr T: my son /daughter marry ur son/daughter ok
then sure can go cucu cicit
i book first
Aly-C: whoa!!!
book summore
Mr T: hahahahahahaa
can ar
Aly-C: hehe
can can
as long as ur son's name is not lobak or carrot or sumthing can liao
Mr T: haha, then bawang can rite, or onion :P
Aly-C: kenot! T_T must lengcai name
like tor bread pitto
or tor tor toise
or tor tom craze
tor bread pitto sounds cool
see i so good, u no nid think of your son's name liao
Mr T: why not just name him pita bread instead
so long for what
just name him torpedo or tornado can liao, twins
Aly-C: u planning to build football team wat
Mr T: aiks, charlene, gillian , both of you can sau pei adi
football ar, not just that
Aly-C: full orchestra? or a country?
Mr T: football team x2 + spectators
anfield :P
Mr T: macam tu, enough to fill all the seats
yea, i become coach enough lo, sit at the bench with wife
Aly-C: maybe ur cucu cicit can conquer the world u know, make your own country
country name is TORTOISE TOR!!
Mr T: name it turtle island better, all botters there
Aly-C: ya hor! got turtle general! WOOHOO!!
Mr T: that's me lor T_T
everyone wanna hunt me to get card and pole axe, cham..
every hour need so spawn and kena rape by party

Oh Great! Another grumpy post!

Oh well. Have been in a pretty bad shape lately, was and STILL AM down with a stupid fever which came bundled together with other 'special incentives'. (note: running nose and sore-throat)

GREAT GREAT GREAT. What a great holiday!!!! I'm SOOO having a BOMBASTIC TIME!!!!

...and it doesn't help that when I went online, this sight greeted me:-
Surprise surprise? I guess not.

and then...
Image Hosted by


(Ok ok, it's my fault for not un-subscribing myself from XL's mailing list, don't have the heart to do so anyway. Sigh. )

Talk about recycling. Heh. Guess XL team's english didn't improve over the raya either. Who knows, maybe some raya fairy decided to weave a little miracle? ^_~

XXS-size shop!! Free 'adult' toys!!!
XXS-size cum XXX shop...Free adult toys for Raya!!!

Anyway it's not such an important aspect in this case as whatever Uncle Loong is lack of in terms of language, he overcomes it with his business skills and passion for the trade. Kudos to Uncle Loong.

Evil Uncle Loong.

Heh heh, ok I didn't mean that, Uncle Loong is and will always be some sort of a 'hero' to my heart. (NOT that kind who bangs through walls and WALLOP baddies like DEADMAN)

Just that collecting toys is such a pricey hobby to me now, especially when my parents are gritting their teeth and burning up almost all their savings just to put me through blood-sucking IMU. (Fark you man, RM24,900 per semester and they couldn't even let us use MSN or provide better facilities.) Not that my love for anime, manga and all things Japanese has waned, just that....

.....AARRGGGGGGGHHHHHH POKKAIIII LIAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
(bang, crash....BOOM!!!! Alyssa dead liao, sobs. Bye bye world.)

Man how I dread to walk into any XL-shops now, or even surf it's website (Oh yeah which reminds me I am still a Moderator there!!! If they didn't kick me by now, that's it. Haha.) and my all-time-favourite Every attempt of me going to any of the aforesaid places will only lure me further into the bottomless abyss of raging desires....(for Japanese Toys, DUH.)

Hmmmm, weird. My secret ambition since Form 3 till around Form 6 was to become the owner of the biggest and most well-known Japanese Toyshop which harbours only anime and manga related items. I even sketched out my whole floorplan and business plan.....including where to source for my modals. I even reasoned KLCC would be a good location as many foreigners frequents that place. And that anime/manga would be the in-thing in 5-10 years time (That was like around 1998 when I thought of that?) because the kids then do not watch disney channels anymore. Instead, they watch....POKEMON. Which means when they grow up into teens, they'll fancy anime!!! But I can't start big right away....have to start from I'll have to slowly build my reputation from other ways first. I even sketched all the facilities that I'm gonna provide in my shop....including a mini cafe, special anime screenings, promotions, resting rooms, etc. I'm such a fanatic, huh?

When I applied for IMU, I actually asked my mom to buy the form for Pharmacy instead of Medicine.......

My ultimate plan was to start my toyshop business as a part-time kinda thing while holding a professional job which do not require much of my time.(hence, pharmacy)

But somehow somewhere along the course.....

I guess a tornado or hurricane hit me off the anime/manga radar.

Hit by tornado.
My room hit by tornado!!! XD (actually is me messing everything up while trying to vain to find the small little exercise book where I jotted down all my ingenious anime/manga plans.

Somehow, someway (I still don't know the reason till now), just a few days before the deadline for the IMU application submission, I decided to switch to Medicine. So....there goes my fortress built based on my years of belief (practically through my whole schooling life since primary school, which reminds me that my Standard 1 primary teacher put my no. 1 ambition as a.....FARMER!!!!! OMFG. I told her I wanted to do something about agriculture, and she put farmer instead. Oh gawd. Grrrrr.) that I will NEVER follow my father's footsteps as a doctor.

Oh well, that reminds me that I've just wasted my whole week of holiday away....putting the opportunity to catch up with some solid studying on both my medic course AND Japanese(I still have my JPLT level 4 exam on Dec 4, remember? T_T) to waste.

And oh btw, did I tell ya that I've just got a new boyfriend...?

Hmmm....I didn't...? bad. =P

Jo El & Me!!!
Ok I know my face is so round and it doesn't suit with the roses.
But the roses are so lovely!!! >_<

12 red roses.

Although not everything went as smooth as I want it to be, and there are teeny weeny glitches here and there, but I've a good feeling that everything would turn out right.

Hope so? =D

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Summative 1: Aftermath

Just finished my much dreaded summative 1 exam of semester 2.....YEAH!!!

Was smiling through all the way the Feedback Session,this should be my highest scoring exam in IMU to date. A whooping 93.5% if I hadn't calculated wrongly. Yee-hah!!! XD

So many things to do so many stuff to catch up now!!! I've been kind of like ignoring all my other less important matters for the last 2 to 3 weeks, now's the time to make up the lost time.

Firstly, I need to get a pair of bloody shoes!!!

I'm quite sick of having to wear my sport shoes everywhere regardless of the occasion, because that's the only pair of shoes I have now. All my other flimsy sandals and dress slippers (3 pairs in total) kind of broke in less than a week. Sobs. T_____T my diet. Even the bookstore owner (where I always buy my daily supply of sweets and chocolates) can regconise me by I frequent his shop almost everyday 'sapu'ing all the sugary stuff I can grasp hold of on his shelves....Man I'm such a glutton when it comes to studying. I have to chew on something, or keep my hand occupied when I'm revising....or I'll be just so restless and stressed, going totally whacky like jumping around mimicking a 3 year-old. Haiz. Should've learnt a lesson by now and not to do last minute work.....but that's just me. Bad habits which I just couldn't kick out. =(

Anyways, no photo update or anything fancy for now. Still stucked on the stupid pcs IMU's supplying which give me problems all the time.

Cheers, mate. =D

Monday, October 10, 2005

My Apologies to Mr XXX

Hello again. I extend my sincerest apologies to Mr XXX, for publishing his personal message to me on Friendster publicly on my blog. I was naive in thinking that Mr XXX was just fooling around when he sent that message to me. I'm sorry, I was gravely wrong in that matter. Hope you would accept my apologies.


Friday, September 30, 2005

Friendster: Greetings!! (**Must Read)

I was browsing through Internet for fun when I saw
your profile and read your blog. Some voices in my
heart (Im a romantic!) tells me you are someone
specialsomeone I just have to get hold of a
need to contact you. So, without much thought I
quickly launch into writing this email to you. Just
could not pass up this chance to get to know
someone like you. Reply only if u do not have any

Anyway, let me introduce myself. My name is Mr XXX,
31 year old Chinese working as a senior systems
analyst in KL. Im 1.71m and 63kg. I can speak
English, Malay and Cantonese. I went through a
traumatic time not so long ago. I broke
up with my ex-gf September last year after been
together for 4 years. We had planned our future
together and now she is no longer with me. You
know, life is funny I graduated with my MBA last
May and what was supposed to be the last piece of
my life puzzle with my ex-gf ended up with all the
pieces on the floor - so to speak. Well, as painful
as it could be, I realized that life has to carry on
regardless The past is past...I am optimistic

I now learn not to take things for granted I loved
my ex-gf but may be I didnt love her well enough. I
will never want to repeat the same mistakes again
with any future girl friend that I have. It is my
sincere aim to get to know you better and I am
sure you will like me when you get to know and talk
to me. I believe you have to talk to the person in
order to know her well. Listening to the voice can
tell you so much about the person. Therefore I
hope you will be brave enough to provide me with
your telephone number so we can talk. I will prove
to you my sincerity and good intention. In the mean
time, this is my telephone number 012-XXXXXXX if
you wish to call. If you are reluctant or 'not trusting
enough' to have phone conversation, then you do
not need to reply this email even though I feel sad
that I have missed the opportunity to know you
more intimately.

Once you talk to me, you will know what kind of
person I am. Hope to call you when I have your
telephone number. Please also provide me with
your email address. Mine is



Hmmmm....what would YOU do if you received such a message through friendster? ^_~

P.S: Kids please do not try this at home!!!! *horrors* unless you want your gal gal to run away.....=P

Note: Decided to put this up again, but with all the names censored. =D Really sorry ya, Mr XXX.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

=Anonymous= A tribute? Hmm...

On one fine day, when the birds are singing and the skies are blue...

I checked my mail!!!

...and found something that I've never seen before... o_O *drumroll*

Being the curious gal that I am, I clicked on it....

.....and saw this.

Wah! Wonder who's this....hmmmm.....someone playing a prank on me or...? Hmmm....

So, suddenly I felt like blogging again....and I wrote an entry on some updates in my life ....which are pretty sad anyway, haih~ T________T *sobs*

The next day, I checked my mailbox again...


Another comment from Anonymous!!! O_o O_o O_o

WOAH!!! Really thanks for your readership, Anonymous...I wouldn't know whether it's someone who is just fooling around, someone who is too bored, or someone who sincerely wants to read my blog. (I really hope it's the latter)

Whichever it is, I sincerely-extremely-superbly-really-mou-tak-teng-very-very-super-geng-chao-mou-tek appreciate your comments. Either way, at least I know SOMEONE actually DO read my blog.

Thanks muakzz!!! =D

P.S: Next time leave a name la....unless there's a USD$999,999,999,999 reward for your head, then nevermind la. =P

P.S#2: Nah I know all the frames are out, I don't know how to configure to make my middle space bigger....and now I don't have the software needed to resize the image without distorting the picture (sobs I'm only running on MS Paint only...ARGH!!!) so screw it PIF!!!! unless there's any kind hearted soul out there willing to help.....*blink blink*

Sunday, September 25, 2005

-[Lost]- Detached.

I'm feeling so lost, so detached from MY world.

A lot of things that were dear to me are leaving me now.... My Japanese course has ended, and I decided to take the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JPLT) level 4 instead of continuing the current course to Intermediate-III, so I'll be losing the whole bunch of my friends who I've become really close to. I will definitely miss having them in my Japanese class. We've all been together since my first Japanese class in ICLS, and it's really saddening for me to 'abandon' all of them. Literally. But it is a decision that I HAVE to make, if I wish to obtain any official and regconised certification for all my hard-work sacrificed in learning up Japanese....

I was also really torn when I decided to quit learning drums. It's not that I lost interest in it, but I simply do not have sufficient time to continue pursuing another certification for my drums course after obtaining an Honours (distinction) for my Grade 8 London College of Music (LCM) drums exam. I can't possibly have the time to try taking the diploma course which consists not only the performance of several pieces, but also some paper work which I will have to settle within 2 years after passing the performance part. The other alternative is to go for Grade 8 ABRSM for Percussion, but that would include the use of Marimba and Timpani, which means I will have to attempt to obtain permission from institutions like UPM and Istana Budaya to allow me to make use of these instruments in their possesion. Complicated, huh? Like, how am I supposed to juggle with my studies and running around all over the place at least once a week for my percussion classes? Well, I can also opt to just continue going for classes blindly EVEN THOUGH I've already obtained my Honours in Grade 8, which is kind of pointless. I'M NOT RICH, GODDAMMIT. My fees cost about RM200 a month, and my family is already facing some financial problems while trying to put me through my medical studies in cut-throat IMU.

Haih. I feel so detached, lost. Like a yatch with a broken sail heading directionlessly into the raging sea.

It doesn't help that I've got LOADS of studies that I've been lagging behind since WEEKS ago.

....DAMN! Summative 1 is only 23 days away. I'm so gonna die, period.

PS: Daniel won!! Woohoo!!! I can't believe even MY DAD votes for Daniel. LOL. So he was one of the '1.2 million 13-year-old girls' who voted for him eh? ;P

Actually I think Nita should've won although I simply LOVE Daniel....he's so cute!!! XD Blek. Kawaii-ness rulezzz~!!!!

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Temporarily away.

Sorry everyone. Currently I don't have access to the net, so I won't be updating the blog for some time. And also quite busy lately.

So cheers! =)